PAALF: Since African American-led organizations tend to be smaller in size and revenue, it is possible that staff may not be compensated as highly as their counterparts at white-led organizations. This is a concern considering that many African American Executive Directors may be heads of households. In addition, these same staff are likely wearing multiple hats within an organization due to lack of sufficient staffing. However, this is a characteristic of most nonprofit organizations.

The research was guided by the following research questions, formulated with the PAALF:

  • What are the organizational characteristics of African American-led organizations such as size, budget, age, sector, funding sources, services provided, populations served, etc.?

  • What are the characteristics of the Boards of Directors and their members, such as number of members, demographic characteristics of members, tenure and experience of members, etc.?

  • How do the organizations use data and technology?

  • What are the characteristics of the Executive Directors and senior staff, such as race, gender, age, tenure, and experience?

  • Are the organizations involved in policy work or advocacy? Do they have the capacity to work in these areas?

  • Do the organizations and their staff participate in trainings and technical assistance?

  • Have the organizations participated in strategic planning, including succession planning and financial sustainability?

  • Are the organizations involved in partnerships or collaborations with other organizations?

  • How do African American-led nonprofit organizations compare to other (non-African American-led) organizations on the above measures?

  • What are local funders’ perspectives on African American-led nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia and how they are positioned in the nonprofit sector?